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The Best of April Rose

Forget about Fools and Showers! This month, it's all about our Maximum Exposure host and 2008 Hometown Hottie winner!

Chicago native, TV host and model April Rose has been a Maxim staple since she was named the 2008 Hometown Hottie winner. Because it would be silly to celebrate April in October, now is the time to check out her hottest Maxim moments with our favorite slideshows and videos. Happy Tax Season, Easter, Baseball Season, Passover and Allergy Season!

Check out photos from April Rose's Military Pinup Shoot.

See more of April Rose's Girls of Maxim Gallery.

Easter never looked as good as this sexy April Rose gallery!

Helpful Hottie: April Rose

April Rose: Chicago 2008 Hometown Hottie

April Rose: Chicago's 2008 Hometown Hottie

April Rose Gets "Jacked"


April Rose Saves the World One Bikini at a Time


Maximum Exposure: Live from the Big Game in Indianapolis!


Maxim's Super Blowout

Best. Maximum. Exposure. Ever.