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New Era invited the Hot 100 party guests to get creative with their installation from artist in residence Tristan Eaton. They obliged! Sometimes, even where they were supposed to!

Olivia Munn, proving that squatting in high heels is not only possible, it’s hot.

Hometown Hottie winner Melanie Iglesias contributes her signature to New Era’s installation (also: she told us she’s secretly Banksy).

Jamie Alexander goes up high – not surprising, since she’s used to being in Asgard.

New Era’s artist in residence, Tristan Eaton, beats Chuck Liddell in a game of “rock, paper, scissors, telephone”.

Tristan’s custom installation – inspired by Bettie Page - becomes the perfect backdrop for...

...some really cool photos that were projected on the screens in the venue!

Tristan’s interactive installation allows you to, er, “your write blaze song own”. Sweet!

New Era’s hat customization station: great fun, but not advised to wear if designed when drunk.

Alessandra Torresani flies her own flag with style.

Kelly Rowland hits the high notes of New Era’s installation.

Joe Jonas: “Does this technically make me a work of art?” No, Joe. No it doesn’t.

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