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"The League’s" Maxim Cover Girl Fantasy Draft

The funniest people in Fantasy Football pick a different kind of Fantasy team.

(Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company)

Tuck your fear-boners into your waistband, holster your nagintas, turn off (turn around?) your MyFace pages, and pay attention, because the Fantasy Football pros who are the cast of The League have graced us with their picks. No, not their Fantasy Football picks. The cast has taken all the beauties to ever grace Maxim’s cover and carved their own teams out of the hottest ladies in the land, and we’re sharing them with you. Drink it in, shitsippers. 

Round 1
3-Pete - Fergie
The Fighting McArthurs - Jessica Alba
Fear Boners - JWoww
Password is Taco - Lindsay Lohan
Double Ent-Andres - Anna Kournikova
Lady McArthurs - Beyonce

Round 2 
Lady McArthurs - Hilary Duff
Double Ent-Andres - Eva Longoria
Password is Taco - Shakira
Fear Boners - Tyra Banks
The Fighting McArthurs - Elisha Cuthbert
3-Pete - Lucy Lawless

Round 3
3-Pete - Carmen Electra
The Fighting McArthurs - Eliza Dushku
Fear Boners - Shannon Elizabeth
Password is Taco - Alice Eve
Double Ent-Andres - Bar Refaeli
Lady McArthurs - Amanda Bynes

Round 4

Lady McArthurs - Megan Fox
Double Ent-Andres - Pamela Anderson
Password is Taco - Amber Heard
Fear Boners - Kelly Monaco
The Fighting McArthurs - Audrina Patridge
3-Pete - Gina Gershon

Round 5
3-Pete - Cameron Diaz
The Fighting McArthurs - Mila Kunis
Fear Boners - Jessica Biel
Password is Taco - Jennifer Love Hewitt
Double Ent-Andres - Milla Jovovich
Lady McArthurs - Arianny Celeste

Round 6

Lady McArthurs - Nicole Scherzinger
Double Ent-Andres - Lake Bell
Password is Taco - Angelina Jolie
Fear Boners - Jessica Simpson
The Fighting McArthurs - Kristen Bell
3-Pete - Jeri Ryan

Round 7
3-Pete - Sarah Michelle Gellar
The Fighting McArthurs - Sophia Bush
Fear Boners - Adrianne Palicki
Password is Taco - 100th Issue
Double Ent-Andres - Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Lady McArthurs - Danielle Fishel

Round 8
Lady McArthurs - Michelle Branch
Double Ent-Andres - Stacy Keibler
Password is Taco - Tara Reid
Fear Boners - Laura Prepon
The Fighting McArthurs - Christina Aguilera
3-Pete - Sarah Shahi

Check out their full teams on the next page!

3-Pete (Pete)  
QB  Carmen Electra
RB  Gina Gershon
RB  Lucy Lawless
WR  Fergie
WR  Cameron Diaz
Flex Sarah Shahi
TE  Jeri Ryan
 Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Fighting McArthurs (Kevin)  
QB   Jessica Alba 
RB  Eliza Dushku
RB  Elisha Cuthbert 
WR  Audrina Patridge
WR  Mila Kunis
Flex   Kristen Bell
TE  Sophia Bush
Christina Aguilera

Fear Boners (Ruxin)  
QB  Tyra Banks
RB  JWoww
RB  Kelly Monaco
WR  Shannon Elizabeth
WR  Jessica Biel
Flex Adrianne Palicki
TE  Jessica Simpson
  Laura Prepon

Password is Taco (Taco)  
QB  Lindsay Lohan 
RB   Tara Reid
RB  Amber Heard
WR  Shakira
WR  Angelina Jolie
Flex 100th Issue
TE  Jennifer Love Hewitt
 Alice Eve

Double Ent-Andres (Andre)  
QB  Anna Kournikova 
RB  Milla Jovovich 
RB   Jamie-Lynn Sigler
WR  Eva Longoria
WR   Bar Refaeli
Flex  Lake Bell
TE   Stacy Keibler
 Pamela Anderson

Lady McArthurs (Jenny)  
QB  Beyonce 
RB   Danielle Fishel
RB  Arianny Celeste
WR  Hilary Duff
WR  Nicole Scherzinger
Flex   Amanda Bynes
TE  Megan Fox
 Michelle Branch

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