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If all Maxim models are head scratchingly beautiful, then how beautiful is a Maxim model while scratching her own head? If ever there was a question for the ages, this predicament might just be it. The answer, by the way, is even sexier than before! Hide the screen from your girlfriend and feel free to scratch your own head in amazement at these georgeous Maxim scratchers.

Nicole Scherzinger-

These girls can put their arms in the air and wave them like they just don't care anytime they want...because they've got great armpits. While we think of our own underarms as a dark, dank place that should rarely see the light of day, this group of stunners proves that their beauty extends to all corners of their anatomy.

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Sara Ferroni-

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Rachel Nichols-

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Lindsay Lohan-

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Rebecca Marshall-

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Angela Sarafyan-

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Jessica Gomes-

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Dominique Storelli-

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Leven Rambin-

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Jennifer Love Hewitt-

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The Most Beautiful Armpits You'll See All Day