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Four sporty supermodels-in-the-making suit up in the smallest uniforms we could find. Are you ready for some football? We thought so.


Hometown: Miami

Birthday: September 4

Who is the most overhyped athlete?
Tim Tebow. The whole virgin thing is out of control. If he hasn’t bitten that bullet already, it’s going to happen soon.



Hometown: Ribeira do Pombal, Brazil

Birthday: March 27

Do you play any sports?
I grew up playing competitive beach volleyball in Brazil. Eventually I had to choose between playing professionally and modeling, so now it’s just a hobby.



Hometown: Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada

Birthday: July 12

Who’s your sports crush?
I’m Canadian, so I have to go with Georges St-Pierre.



Los Angeles

Birthday: June 3

What’s the least sexy mascot?
Definitely the Stanford Tree!



What are your tailgating must-haves?

Wine, water, and snacks. In Miami we start early, go out on the boat, and make it an all-day thing. You have to keep hydrated and fed; otherwise it’s a mess.



What’s your tailgating must-have?
There’s got to be music and tequila, because I’m not a big beer girl.



What sport has the sexiest uniforms?
I love skiing, so I would say skiers. The outfits are so cozy.

Have you had any major wipeouts?
Once I lost control and crashed into a tree. I ripped my pants, but other than that I was OK!

Finish this sentence: “I’m most likely to take home a trophy for…”
Eating spaghetti!


What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in a locker room?

Oh, my God, I got into a fight in high school! A girl told me I had a big nose or something, her friend smacked me, and we both got suspended.

Super Bowl or Puppy Bowl?
Puppy Bowl! I mean, I loved watching the Giants last year, but those puppies are just too cute.


Do you play any sports?
I used to be a national high-jumper. I was the provincial champion, and the last girl to beat me is actually going to the Olympics this year.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in a locker room?
Oh, man! In high school I kissed some boys in the locker room…


Do you have a sports crush?
I like Cristiano Ronaldo, but no one tops Pelé!

What’s your favorite stadium food?
Popcorn, but I prefer not to have anything in my hands, because I get very excited and move around a lot.

What’s the rowdiest you’ve gotten in a stadium?
When I was young, I got caught up in a fight during a local football game. It was 2-0, and everyone started getting very upset and throwing things. In the end the police came and watered everyone down, so nobody got hurt.


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