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Why We Want to Spend Eternity With Mila Kunis

Our favorite Ukrainian sex bomb melts our heart while rescuing interviewer.


In what's no doubt been a mind-numbingly monotonous series of press junkets for her new movie, Oz The Great & Powerful, Mila Kunis could be forgiven for phoning in this interview with BBC Radio 1's Chris Stark. But rather than hang the ill-prepared and nervous — though charming — Stark out to dry, Kunis shows just how awesome she is, discussing Stark's mates Chango the Beast, Sir Dosser, and Dicko, doing jager bombs, eating pies, and supporting Watford football club. Most impressive, Kunis manages to parry three separate date proposals without sacrificing any of her lovability. The fact that she manages to answer any potential questions about the movie in one heroic spiel is just gravy. Ashton, if we didn't already hate you, we do now.

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