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Green Lantern: Behind The Scenes Exclusive

Ever wondered how they film dog fights for the movies? No, put your hand down, Michael Vick. We're talking big fighter jets versus other big fighter jets, chasing each other round the sky and blowing each other up in a manner so convincing, you'd almost think it was Chinese propaganda. The Green Lantern movie, while admittedly hampered by the amount of Earth-bound rom-com that was inserted between the fun Green Lantern Corps stuff, proudly lays claim to just such a scene early on, when Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris (Blake Lively, looking lovely even in a flight suit) take on a couple of drones (spoiler alert: Daddy issues are not a pilot's best friend). With the movie being released on Blu-ray tomorrow, here's an exclusive look at how they shot the dog fight:

Green Lantern is available on Blu-ray from tomorrow.