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AXE Attack

You’re sitting in a crowded, smoky bar (no one’s smoking, because of the ban, but still, somehow, it’s smoky). The lights are low. You look across the bar and see a gorgeous [insert preferred hair color here]. She flicks her hair back across her shoulder and your eyes meet. They lock. For a split second that seems like an eternity, sound and all surrounding sights stop. It’s just you. And Her. You feel a connection. You start to smile, then…thud. She raises one eyebrow, visibly scoffs, and turns her attention back to her vodka soda and lime. With your ego bruised and your mojo mowed down like a rabbit on the freeway, you stare back into your beer and wonder why…but we all know why! Girls get bored easily. It’s as simple as that. That eternity you just spent gazing into her eyes is an eternity too long. They need to be entertained in some sensual way, and quickly…lucky for us the people at AXE know this!



Developed with the help of world-renowned fragrance experts, alongside a group of young guys and girls and released this week, AXE has created TWIST. What starts as fresh notes of citrus and lime to arrest her attention, ‘twists’ into something earthier with notes of cedar and sandalwood. You can buy the product here, or if you're feeling lucky, we have 10 prize packs to give away today, each including a Dry Stick, a Body Spray and a Fresh Stick with the signature Twist fragrance.

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AXE have her sense of smell sorted…that’s one down guys! 4 to go…