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Buff Off Your Workday With Turo Skincare

Turo Skin is a no-fuss solution to your daily grooming routine.

Photograph courtesy of Turo Skin

What it is:
Turo Skin Daily Moisturizing Lotion + Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF, $30

Why we like it:
This new skincare line was created by Dr. John Renucci, a board-certified plastic surgeon who realized that men don’t want a bunch of products just to accomplish the few grooming steps in their daily routine. That’s why each piece in Turo Skin line is designed with multiple uses: the Multi-Active Shave foam serves as an exfoliator and is packed with anti aging properties, while the 3-in-1 Shower Cleanser can wash your face, your hair and your body. And when it comes to keeping your skin from looking like a scaly toad, the Daily Moisturizing Lotion does the trick and fends off the sun’s evil rays. Take that!

Where to get it:

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