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Equinox Cleans Up

Do you have a gym membership? Perhaps instead you keep fit with Kim Kardashian's Butt Blasting Cardio Step – we’re not judging you. For those of you who do have a membership (that you use), chances are your gym is not as nice as Equinox. From the eucalyptus scented towels, to the spas, saunas and steam rooms, Equinox has it all. All that is, except decent grooming products: the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and moisturizer all suck. Until now.


Members and those of you considering will be pleased to know that Equinox has just announced an exclusive partnership with premium body-care brand Kiehls, to be featured in the locker rooms of all locations across the nation. We're very pleased to hear it. If you're not a member, we're sorry. Perhaps you can take solace in our good fortune. Or perhaps you might become a member simply for the sake of high-grade product. We are certainly not suggesting any sort of siphonage though. That would be stealing.