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Get Slick With Schick

This Schick razor will keep your face feeling smooth.

Photograph courtesy of Schick

What is it?
Schick Hydro 5 Disposable razor, $9.99, for three

Why we like it:
We have to admit it. We’re not normally big fans of disposable razors. They’re usually what we grab at the drugstore when we thought we didn’t need to shave during the day, but then find out otherwise. Now, thanks to Schick’s new Hydro 5 Disposable, we can get a high quality shave when our proper razor is on the lam. The Hydro 5 is packed with extras: its water-activated gel reservoir hydrates the skin for a smoother shave and its flip trimmer allows all five of its super-sharp blades to get the job done in tight spaces.

Where to get it:

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