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Man Fur

Back in the day a clean shaved face was a status symbol. It was even advocated by Alexander the Great to 'avoid dangerous beard-grabbing in combat'. Times have changed though, and while a 'grabbable' beard is largely unappealing to the opposite sex, with the advance of electric tools to tailor your tash, it's stubble time. Not too short so it looks like a 6 O'clock shadow, and so long that your cheeks disappear. A happy medium that should be maintained according to your own 'personal growth'. But the man crop should not stop there. If you grow back-hair like a baboon, take that off too. A trimmer might suffice, but if you need professional help (you know who you are) then get it. Hair found in the sweatier spots of your body needs regular maintenance too. We're not talking taking it back to pre-puberty, just a #4 or #5 on your clippers to keep things looking neat. And it's hygienic too. As for your chest, that's a different story. We're kicking it oldskool and flexing the furry pecks like Burt in the Bandit. Here's a couple trimmers out there now to help you keep your fuzz fresh.


Braun Bodycruzer, $48,


Phillips Norelco Breard Trimmer, $34,


'Manscape 101' done.