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Man Your Mane With Hanz de Fuko

It's Friday, now's not the time to look disheveled.

Photograph courtesy of Hanz de Fuko

What it is:
Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax, $17.50

Why we like it:
There are lots of reasons we like the new Hanz de Fuko collection of hair products: it’s totally organic (go ahead, eat it!) and can be used whenever you want to, whether it’s after you’ve towel dried your mane in the morning or need a touch-up to get your hair into going-out shape. Sponge Wax is a flexible option, able to rein in almost any hair type while making your hair look thicker – should you need that. And remember, a little bit of this hair manager goes a long, long way.

Where to get it:

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