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Take It All Off

Summer's coming up on us quicker than a sex-starved pit bull terrier. Humping aside, it's getting hotter. It's the beginning of June and we've already seen sunburn in  the city, and with temperatures set to soar over the next two months, it's time to take affirmative action. That mullet you've been sporting since the eighties is over. Shave it off. All of it. We don't mean get the shaving soap and a straight razor and take it to the skin. You're not a buddist monk. Unless you are. And then you're good. Otherwise invest in a pair of clippers and keep your hair closely cropped all summer. It will make your face look more defined, and save you money on visits to the barber. The Conair HC100 is an awesome set, and will set you back 11 bucks. Bargain.