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The Pitfalls of Summer

Summer stinks. Well, that's not exactly true. Summer's awesome, but the big bloke on the bus holding the handrail above your head? His armpit stinks, and the crusty yellow slightly seeping circle stained there since the seventies is seconds from bringing up the Eggo you ate for breakfast.

While we would never let things get so serious, shit happens, and sometimes B.O. happens to the best of us. We've drafted in David Brewster, expert in the research and development of antiperspirants and fragrance products, and now, guest blogger.

Summer comes with so many great things:  baseball, barbeques, bikinis…the list goes on.  But guys know that summer can also be the pits.  You know what I’m talking about – those unsightly yellow pit stains on your favorite white tee, sweating through your button down before you even get to work, and that smell that leaves you feeling less than … well, fresh.  Here’s what you need to do to beat the heat as the mercury rises:

•    Keep Your Whites White – Those yellow half moons that show up on your T-shirts are caused by your antiperspirant interacting with the sweat and sebum (natural oils) under your arms, but some ingredients in antiperspirants can make them worse.  If you’re prone to developing annoying stains, change up what you’re putting on your pits and try out a different antiperspirant.  When it’s time for laundry, spray stain remover directly on the stains and soak your shirts in warm water – that should do the trick.

•    Stay Dry – Yes, everyone sweats, but there’s nothing less attractive than the guy who’s perpetually drenched.  Making smart wardrobe choices can help keep you cool and dry.  Breathable fabrics (which prevent sweat from seeping through) such as 100 percent cotton and 100 percent wool (including cashmere) are best.  Avoid heavy synthetics, including polyester and nylon, which don’t breathe well. Also, stay far away from silk – although it’s a breathable fabric, it can’t withstand constant moisture. 

•    Fragrance is Your Friend – Sweat itself doesn’t smell, but the bacteria on your skin mingling with purged sweat from certain sweat glands, causes odor … bad odor.  Your first line of defense against B.O. is showering daily to remove any bacteria from your skin.  While deodorants don’t stop you from sweating, they do kill the bacteria, which cause BO.  In addition to a deodorant stick, consider using a deodorant bodyspray which not only kills bacteria, but also delivers a boost of scent.

David Brewster is an expert in the research and development of antiperspirants and fragrance products. He has worked as a senior product development chemist with various men’s brands including AXE, for nearly 30 years.


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