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Halloween Hotness Countdown, October 23: Barbara Crampton

Every day this month, Maxim salutes a different horror movie hottie.

Name: Barbara Crampton

Movie: Re-Animator (1985)

Finest Moment: It’s normally hard to focus on a naked woman when she’s sitting on a laboratory table surrounded by body parts and reanimated corpses (including her own freshly-lobotomized dad), but, as teenagers, the hot-beyond-belief Barbara Crampton made us sit up and pay attention. This was the movie where we went from hiding behind a cushion to keeping the cushion on our laps.

Survival status: Uncertain. She gets choked to death by a severed arm, but –surprise!– her boyfriend tries to bring her back with the re-animator serum. The last thing we hear as the film fades to black is her not-terribly-pleased screaming, so presumably it’s not a happily-ever-after kind of a deal.