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Halloween Hotness Countdown, October 24: Natasha Henstridge

Every day this month, Maxim salutes a different horror movie hottie.

Name: Natasha Henstridge

Movie: Species (1995)

Finest Moment: This movie put the “sexy-ass hottie holy balls yowzer” in “Look at that sexy-ass hottie holy balls yowzer alien!” thanks to Natasha “I’m alarmingly comfortable walking around in the buff” Henstridge spending the movie alternately having sex with dudes and then murdering the shit out of them.

Survival status: Fail. Michael “I literally cannot stop squinting, even in almost total darkness” Madson busts some caps in her ass after nearly getting choked out by the alien’s – and we can’t believe we’re typing this in anything other than a Manga fan fic – nipple tentacles. It’s the second most painful form of rejection, right after this.