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Halloween Hotness Countdown, October 27: Allison Hayes

Every day this month, Maxim salutes a different horror movie hottie.

Name: Allison Hayes

Movie: Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)

Finest Moment: This classic beauty becomes an even bigger hit when she takes up the screen after swelling to (surprise!) 50 feet tall, after an encounter with a radioactive alien (hey, it happens). We’re equal-opportunity bikini lovers here at Maxim, so even a giant one made of ripped up canvas sheets floats our boat.

Survival status: Fail. Although impervious to gunfire, she’s less resilient against electricity, and meets her doom at the hands (wires?) of an exploding power line. There are those film critics who would say that really, she died of a broken heart but, nope, we’re pretty sure it was the electricity and the exploding stuff.