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Halloween Hotness Countdown, October 8: Olivia Munn

Every day this month, Maxim salutes a different horror movie hottie.

Name: Olivia Munn

Movie: Insanitarium (2008)

Finest Moment: She goes around covered in hot goo the entire movie as she fights every crazed patient that she’s ever encountered, in a scene not too dissimilar to what happens every time she visits the Maxim office (Olivia, is it just us, or have you visited less frequently lately?) She works in a testing facility (that advertises itself as an asylum) where it tests pharmaceuticals on patients. Predictably enough, it drives them to eat one another as hot nurse Olivia looks for a way out. You go, you plucky nerd nurse, you!

Survival status: Fail. Go figure they kill the one hot girl towards the end of the movie as some crazed zombie nurse chomps down on her neck. A scene that we have in no way reenacted at home with a giant salami and a brown wig, no siree.

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