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Holy Cow, This Sharp 80-inch TV Is Insane

$5,500 will buy you a lot of things. 5,500 items on the McDonald's Dollar Menu, a month or two of rent in a lux Manhattan apartment, or the new Sharp Aquos LC-80LE632U--the first 80-inch LED LCD TV you can buy, and one with double the screen size of a 55-incher (this is 'cause TV measurements are typically taken diagonally).

To get a sense of how huge that is, look at these photos. One shows it next to a stack of boxes--each the size of a single 19-inch TV. The second shows it next to a grown man. It dwarves both. At our demo (which, it must be said, was in a controlled setting with dimmed lighting), the thing looked nothing short of spectacular, with bright colors and dark darks. Yes, we want it. Yes we want to play games on it. Yes we want to watch moving people do moving things while fast things move around in them. Hell, they should just call this thing the "Obesifier".

One thing of note--this thing ain't 3D, nor does it have the industry gold standard 240hz refresh rate (it's a 120hz model). That can only mean one thing: A newer, better model is just around the corner that will make this bizarre monster feel obsolete. And when that happens, we'll be there to buy this thing used from some rich guy on the cheap.