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2014 Hometown Hotties Video Challenge: Look, No Hands!

We asked our 2014 Hometown Hotties Finalists to show us a trick with no hands and learned that they're way more talented than we are. Check out their videos below and don't forget to vote for your favorite Finalist starting October 28th! In the meantime, check back for more Hometown Hotties video challenges, coming soon. 
: Nicole Blades
Hometown: Newman, CA
Check out Nicole’s Profile!

Name: Molly Martin
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Check out Molly’s Profile!

Name: Rebecca Garcia

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Check out Rebecca’s Profile!

Name: Christen Dye
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Check out Christen’s Profile!

Name: Grace Kosmider
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Check out Grace’s Profile!

Name: Cindy Prado
Hometown: Miami, FL
Check out Cindy’s Profile!

Name: Jamie-Rae Lawrence
Hometown: Livingston, NJ
Check out Jamie-Rae’s Profile!

Name: Johana Gomez
Hometown: El Segundo, CA
Check out Johana’s Profile!

Name: Stephanie Straface
Hometown: Harrison, NY
Check out Stephanie’s Profile! 

Get to know your 2014 Hometown Hotties Finalists and check out their best dance moves!


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