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Ashley's Q & A

Who's your favorite sports team, and why?
There's only one nation, RAIDER nation! Simple as that.

What's your favorite movie quote?
"Say hello to my little friend" -Scarface

What's your favorite video game, and could you kick our butts at it?
Mortal Kombat!! I'll whoop every one of you! (laughs)

Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?)
I have 2, one on my wrist and one on my right shoulder, they're both pretty small. I actually might get them both removed.

What's your best party trick?
Not sure if this is a trick but I got a mean booty shake when it's party time.

What's the most memorable pick-up line you've ever heard?
"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

What's the worst job you've ever had?
I can't say I've ever had a bad job. I've always enjoyed what I did and do.

What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?
This might sound funny but I would have to say Drop Out at Raging Waters, I almost flew off that thing! I panicked and didn't keep my arms and legs crossed, I was practically flying, legs out, arms out like an eagle. I'm sure whoever was watching had a good laugh.

It's 4AM after a crazy night out – what are we eating?
Ugh, don't remind me! Somewhere horrible like McDonalds or Jack in the Box.

What's the strangest thing in your fridge right now?
Pickles, because I don't even like those nasty things.

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done in public?
I'm not really a public kind of girl, I like to unleash the tiger behind closed doors. ;)

What do you feel sexiest wearing?
Nothing! Do we get naked now?

Tell us a joke.
I suck at my own jokes, I have to be in the moment but here's one I heard before... I seen a gay cockroach, how do I know he was gay you ask? Because I seen him come out of the closet.
I got one more. What do you call cheese that's not yours? Nacho cheese! I know, dumb right? Hope I made you smile at least.