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Ashley's Q & A

Who's your favorite sports team, and why?
Born and raised a Green Bay Packer fan!!!!

What's your favorite movie quote?
You're not going to have anyone to go to Applebee's with and no one wants to go to Applebee's alone.

What's your favorite video game, and could you kick our butts at it?
Need for Speed!!! Probably, so come play with me!!

Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?)
Belly button and 2 tattoos. One on my lower back, and the other one is a secret ;)

What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod?
Anything that causes me to sing. I'm horrible!

What's your best party trick?
Best party trick...Downing the Sake that they spray into your mouth at hibachi restaurants.

What's the most memorable pick-up line you've ever heard?
Lol it's probably too inappropriate to say on here.

What's the worst job you've ever had?
Receptionist! I am not the type of person who can sit behind a desk all day.

What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?
Hmm can't think of one off hand. However, I will travel to Tonga to swim with Humpback whales, Cage dive with great whites in South Africa, and tag along with storm chasers in tornado alley.

It's 4AM after a crazy night out – what are we eating?

What's the strangest thing in your fridge right now?
Random blocks of Cheese! I'm a Wisconsin girl who loves her cheese!

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done in public?

What do you feel sexiest wearing?
Lacy lingerie.

Tell us a joke.
"Give it to me!" she yelled, "I'm so wet, give it to me now!" She could scream all she wanted, I was keeping the umbrella.