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Erna's Q & A

Who's your favorite sports team, and why?
Boise State Broncos is my favorite sports team because it's home team and also because they've made national headlines due to their impressive consistent successes.

What's your favorite movie quote?
"Sometimes you just have to say what the fuck" Risky Business

What's your favorite video game, and could you kick our butts at it?
Mario Kart....I used to play that game a lot when I was younger.

Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?)
I don't have any tattoos, I just have my ears pierced.

What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod?
Barbie Girl by Aqua! It never gets old.

What's the most memorable pick-up line you've ever heard?
None of them! haha

What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?
The most dangerous thing I've ever done was going skydiving. There is nothing more scary that jumping out of a perfectly working airplane from 9000 ft.

It's 4AM after a crazy night out – what are we eating?
Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

What's the strangest thing in your fridge right now?
Baby food! I have it for when my little niece comes over.

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done in public?
If I told you it wouldn't be naughty anymore ;)

What do you feel sexiest wearing?
Stilettos and skinny jeans.

Tell us a joke.
Why did the girl throw the butter out the window? She wanted to see a butterfly.