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HaHa Hotties: Alyssa

2009 Hometown Hotties finalist Alyssa answers our comedy-related questions.

What makes you laugh?
I guess somebody with dry humor. I think dry humor is intelligent and it really makes me laugh.

Who’s the funniest person you know?
My dad. He’s just a huge goof. He’s never serious and sometimes I have a hard time even taking him seriously. He always tries to do things to embarrass me. When I was little it embarrassed me. But now I’ve learned to appreciate it over the years. I hope that someday when I get married, my husband will make my children laugh.

Are you attracted to funny guys, then?
Yes. Somebody who can make me laugh is the biggest turn-on.

Would you stop dating a guy if he had a really bad laugh?
Um, I don’t know. If he had a funny laugh, I feel like I would just be laughing at him instead of with him. So that might be a deal breaker.

Who are some of your favorite comedians?
Daniel Tosh for sure. He’s hilarious. Actually, when I first moved out to L.A. I worked at The Laugh Factory. I was only there for a couple months, but it was before he got Tosh.0, so I watched him grow with his comedy. Now when I see him on television he’s still that funny guy.

Is there any comedy movie that you feel like you could quote all the lines to?

What’s one of your favorite lines from it?
It’s more like the scenes in the movie that are funniest to me. But if I could point out a particular quote, it’s probably when Kristen Wiig is at the engagement party and she is trying to one-up Rose Byrne and she’s speaking in Spanish. Or when Rose Byrne is speaking in Thai and Melissa McCarthy acts like she knows what she’s talking about. So funny.

If there was a Judd Apatow movie smackdown between Knocked Up, Superbad and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, which would you pick?
Probably Superbad. McLovin. Chicka yeah.

If McLovin or Seth or Evan asked you on a date, what would you say?
Hell yeah! Anybody that can make me laugh, I’m in...if they don’t have a funny laugh.

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