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HaHa Hotties: Mayra

Careful! This 2011 Hometown Hottie Finalist is ticklish.

What makes you laugh?
Seeing people fall down. That is the most hilarious thing ever. Actually I fell down, like face planted on concrete, while I was on a first date a month ago. Blood was everywhere. It was terrible.I didn’t even put my hands out. I ate it with my face.

What are things a guy can do to make you laugh?
Tickling is guaranteed, because I’m ridiculously ticklish. And I like guys who are just being silly, and have a good personality.

Who is the funniest person you know?
Let’s see, I don’t know - myself. The stuff that happens to me is unbelievable. I just have to be able to laugh about it.

Who is your favorite comedian?
Pablo Francisco, because he does really funny impressions of people. Mocking people can be funny.

What are your comedy movies?
Anything with Will Ferrell. Step Brothers. Oh my God that movie is a gag. Talladega Nights, Elf.

Have you ever pranked anyone before?
I stole someone’s car and hid it from them. They were drunk. I took their keys and hid their car. They found it after a couple days.

Have you been pranked badly?
Actually, this is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I was in high school and we went and watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre and in the middle of the night, my guy friends started pounding on all my bedroom windows. That was pretty scary and I felt kind of traumatized.

Who’s funnier: Guys or girls?
Hmm, I think guys. I think guys have better delivery.