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Helpful Hottie: Aja

The Hawaiian stunner and Hometown Hotties finalist is here to help. Aloha!

When is it acceptable for men to cry?
—Luca Norton
Whenever it’s genuine. I’m an emotional girl, so I don’t mind guys who show their feelings.

How do I tell my girlfriend that I hate her best friend?
—Danny Jones
There’s no nice way to do this, so just go balls to the wall and hope for the best.

Why isn’t popcorn a vegetable?
—Kyle Davenport
I actually know this! After it’s popped, corn no longer has its origi¬nal nutrients, so it doesn’t count as a veggie anymore.

Should I be on Team Edward or Team Jacob for the last Twilight movie?
—Brendan Green

Sorry, your man card has just been revoked. That’s my only answer.

How would we know if a word in the dictionary was misspelled?
—Derrick Collins

I guess we wouldn’t. Let’s hope the editors at Webster’s know what they’re doing.

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