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Helpful Hottie: Ashleigh

The Texas rose and 2012 Hometown Hotties finalist tackles your conundrums.

Is it weird to think my cousin is hot?
—Pete Farsky

It’s one thing to describe your cousin as attractive, or maybe even to have a little crush on an older cousin when you’re a kid. But once sexual feelings start to enter the picture, it’s time for counseling.

What’s the best way to make up for forgetting an anniversary?
—Rick O’Neal

You’d have to plan an extra-special surprise to make up for this…if there’s a girlfriend left to make it up to. You have to be really clueless to slip up with this!

How long should I wait before telling my girlfriend I love her?
—Darren Gerschler

I’d say two dates is too soon, but a month is reasonable.

I love spicy food, but it makes my forehead sweat. Is that normal?
—Jim Alexakis

Yeah, technically it is, but that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and douse your meal in Tabasco on a first date.

Are marbles made of marble?
—Seth Lynch

Who even thinks about that kind of stuff? That’s one for Google.

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