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Helpful Hottie: Brittney

This month Southern belle and 2011 Hometown Hotties finalist Brittney fields your questions.

Why do good guys finish last?
—Bryan Auten

I’d say they finish late, not last. Many girls go for bad boys first but soon realize they’re douchebags. I guess we have to kiss some frogs before we find a prince.

I like peanut butter on my hot dogs, but most people judge me. What gives?
—Mat White

I put ranch dressing on my spaghetti, so different strokes for different folks. And hot dogs are horrible with nothing on them anyway, so no one should judge.

What is the worst place to pick up a girl?
—Diego Alvarado

Either a funeral home or a doctor’s office, because you don’t know why she’s there.

I have two pie crusts in the freezer. What should I do with them?
—“Heavy Haul”

Have a little fun with them! I’d fill them up with whipped cream and have a pie fight.

Why can’t women kill spiders themselves?
—David Taylor

We can. We just like when men do that stuff for us; we feel protected, and they feel manly. We’re trying to boost their self-esteem!

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