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Helpful Hottie: Dominique

Kick off Hometown Hotties season with words of wisdom from our reigning champ, Dominique Storelli!

I am lactose-intolerant. What food can I bring to the bedroom besides whipped cream?
—Darren Holmes

Foodwise, I’d probably go with Popsicles or syrup.

What’s the right age to consider marriage?
—Bob Parlet

I wouldn’t put a number on it. It’s more like, have you accomplished all your goals before taking that plunge? Make sure you travel the world and kiss a lot of frogs before putting a ring on it.

What’s up with people wearing sunglasses backward nowadays?
—Evan Baxter

Wait, who does that besides Guy Fieri? I’ve never seen this on anyone else. Maybe you need to move!

I’ve been thinking about getting a New York Yankees tattoo: good or bad idea?
—Chase Landon

It’s a good idea if your girlfriend is a Red Sox fan.

I heard that showering every day can dry out your skin. Should I skip it a few days a week?
—Stefan Simunovic

Dude, I can smell you from here. You’d better not skip anything!