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Helpful Hottie: Jelena

2011 Hometown Hotties finalist Jelena Kostic drops some info bombs on your noggin.

Why are girls so into shoes?
Eric Gold
I think every woman is born with a shoe fetish gene, so we just can’t help it. I probably own more than 100 pairs.

Could a guy like me get out of the friend zone with a girl like you?
Connor Holmes

Yes, but don’t pursue a good friend if you’re only looking for a fling; it’ll ruin the friendship.

Settle the debate: hot or cold pizza?
Alex Hamilton

That’s a tough call! It’s great either way, except a cold mushroom topping is pretty gross.

What’s the most painful spot for a tattoo?
Brian Aragan

I’d say the rib cage. But it’s still a good spot, because people can see it only when you want them to!