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Helpful Hottie: Jordan

Super-sultry 2011 Hometown Hotties finalist Jordan fields your questions.

How can I find out if a girl likes me?
—Pete Dodge
I don’t play games, so just ask. I’ve had to tell a few guys, “You’re fun, but there’s no connection.” We usually don’t stay friends, because it hurts their feelings, but it’s better that they know.

Why the hell are skinny jeans in style?
—Ryan Bates

They’re comfy for girls, but for guys I have no idea. It can’t feel good suffocating your junk!

Why does music today suck?
—Jose Gonzalez
That’s a pretty negative statement! Maybe be­cause there’s so much technology. You don’t need raw talent. Like, if I walked into a studio, I could be a big rapper.

Is there an April Fools’ prank I can play on my girlfriend?
—Andy Sullivan

Propose and then say, “Just kidding!” I want to see how that goes over.

What do a girl’s under­­wear say about her?
—Carl Walters

I don’t know. I don’t wear any.

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