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Helpful Hottie: Morgan Jaye

2011 Hometown Hotties finalist Morgan Jaye gives answers to your most dire questions.

What is the best gift to get your girlfriend?
Paul Cameron
Well we all know that diamonds are a girl's best friend, especially if they are in the form of an engagement ring ;) If that is not an option, then we always love something heartfelt... possibly a night out for pampering. What we love most is spending time with our man.

Can I show up at a girl's house wearing nothing but a Santa suit?
B. Teitelbaum
You can show up wearing anything you want if you're carrying Santa's big red bag full of gifts!!! 

Is the world really going to end in December?
Morgan Hyde
Absolutely not. There is still way too much fun to be had...

What’s the best way to pick up a girl on New Year’s?
Sawyer Williams
You have to be a bit more clever on New Year's Eve than on any other night. Everybody knows that at midnight you have to kiss. The trick is to engage the girl in conversation about 10 minutes before the clock strikes 12! 

Can I have a pet camel?
Nick Greenberg
One hump or two? ;)

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