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Hottie Lisa Morales Answers More Of Your Sexy Questions

The Helpful Hottie is back with more answers to your sex and relationship questions.

How do you get your ex to fall back in love with you?
Talk about the good memories, look at pictures, and revisit places you went together. Talking about the sex you two shared couldn't hurt.


How do you avoid conflict?
I walk away, change the conversation, or just say "We have different opinions." It's not worth arguing.


Where is the best place to find someone to join me and my girl in a threesome?
I think a swingers party? Or online.


How would you approach a long lost love if the opportunity presented itself?
"Hey! So good to see you! How's life? Let's have coffee sometime and catch up!" Then exchange numbers and talk about the good old days!


How soon is too soon to move in and get married? 
The first 3 months do NOT count because you're in honeymoon phase. But after that, there's no right or wrong time. Listen to your heart (but take your brain with you).

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