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Hotties with Gadgets

We asked a few Hometown Hotties what their favorite gadget was and why they can't live without it. Here's what they had to say:

Name: Aja Dang
Hometown: Honolulu, HI

I am a huge sports fanatic so all of my sports apps are really important (Go San Francisco Giants!). But come football season, I'm constantly on my ESPN Fantasy Football League app. Checking on scores, trading, dropping, trash-talking: all of this is done on my phone. There's nothing better than watching your scores increase in real time while your opponent cries over Cam Newton. Go team Shivakamini Somakandarkram! 

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Name: Jennifer Nguyen
Hometown: Toronto, ON

My favorite gadget that I spend most of my time on would have to be my Apple iPad 2. As a model and dancer, I do a lot of traveling, so the movie and game apps really help me pass the time when I'm waiting at the airport or waiting around before a show. It's my best friend! I love staying connected with all of my fans and  keeping them updated with my whereabouts and daily adventures. I love the fact that I can stay connected to my close friends and family while traveling with the communications apps. Truthfully I won't be able to live without my best friend. It's thin and light so I can carry it anywhere I go, not like a laptop. It is by far one of the best inventions ever. Apple iPad baby!

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Name: Jessica Jessie
Hometown: Rockville, MD
My favorite gadget is my pink laptop! I bring it with me everyday to work, travel,'s stylish and a conversation starter! My whole life is held in this little guy! ;)

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