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Jen's Q & A

Favorite Sport/Team
Boxing Oscar Dela Hoya

Favorite Movie/Actor
Die Hard/Bruce Willis

Go-to karaoke song
Blondie, I Touch Myself

My first job
Making gift baskets, and chocolate for a candy store

Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?)
Used to have a navel piercing, but I let it close. Now I only have my ears pierced.

Mac or PC?
PC all the way!

Nintendo, Xbox 360, PS3, or don't game?
All of the above, and my favorite games are ~ Resident Evil 5, final fantasy 7, and World of Warcraft (online)

What fun fact, talent or superpower of yours should guys know about?
I'm super flexible :D

What's the most memorable pick up line you've ever heard?
Hi, my name's Right...Mr. Right.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
Skinny dipped in a public hot spring

What's the most unusual place you've ever hooked up? How'd it go?
I don't kiss and tell :)

What's in your purse or pocket right now?
Cherry flavored ChapStick

What do you feel most comfortable wearing?
Sexy panties, and a matching cami

Would you rather have boring sex all the time or an amazing romp once a year?
Amazing romp once a year

If you could do a shot of Jose Cuervo with anyone -- dead or alive -- who would it be?
Janis Joplin