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The best way to keep up with me is by giving me a keeps things interesting and I get bored very easily.

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For a guy to keep up with me he'd need to make me smile when things get tough and he definitely needs be secure in himself.

[See Bobbie's Gallery.]


I would say just be confident, outgoing, and be yourself; never try too hard and if you approach me in the club you better have your robot skills ready to battle me. If you approach me in the coffee shop I like SF vanilla iced lattes, so feel free to hook it up!

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A guy has to be pretty awesome to keep up with a Hottie! He definitely has to be motivated!  A Hometown Hottie is looking for a go-getter just like her!

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To keep up with a Hometown Hottie a guy definitely needs to go with the flow! My schedule is constantly changing and I need someone who will be able to roll with the punches and have fun along the way!

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You need to be confident, trusting, and use the word "beautiful" A LOT! Even a hottie needs to be reminded sometimes!


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For me if a guy can just be true to himself and not go above and beyond to impress or be "mr. macho" I think that is the sexiest! If you can genuinely make me laugh you've got major brownie points!!

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Honestly sometimes I'm going 100 miles an hour, so a good balance is always needed. People need to be centered to "keep" up with others.

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You definitely have to be full of energy to keep up with this hottie!! I love to try new things, so you have to be down for ANYTHING! But you also have to be a good snuggle because I also love a good nap!

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The best way to keep up with a Hometown Hottie is to have an open mind (weirdness is bound to happen) and be prepared for any challenge she throws at you.

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Keeping Up With A Hottie