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Sylacauga, Alabama

2007: Week 10

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 110 Ibs.

Profession: Account executive/Model

Preferred Celebrity Status: combo

Relationship Status: hooked up

Favorite Sport/Team: Football/University of Alabama, Crimson Tide

Favorite Movie/Actor: The Goonies/Will Ferrell

Favorite Music/Artist: Hip-hop, rock, pop, country, techno

Favorite Song: "Sweet Home Alabama"

Favorite Food: Mexican, margaritas

First Job: Cashier

Other: I'm a down-to-earth southern belle. I love football and drinking beer. Guys compliment me on my bootay. What can I say, I'm a cutie with a bootie. I also subscribe to Maxim, and yes, I actually read it, too. It's always good to know what men want.