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Nancy Michelle's Q & A

Who's your favorite sports team, and why?
stl cardinals, its a family tradition, my grandfather would make me watch the "red birds" games with him since i was a little girl and the team just stuck with me ever since. i love my cardinals.

What's your favorite movie quote?
"listen i never fucked anybody over ever in my life that didnt have it coming to them, all i have in this world is my balls and my word and i dont break 'em for no one, you wanna go on with me you say it, if not you make a move" -tony montana (scarface)

What's your favorite video game, and could you kick our butts at it?
super mario for super nintendo, and i could pass pretty much every level.

Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?)
belly button piercing two tattoos on my wrists, right:Nena (my sister) (left:ito (my brother)

What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod?
call me maybe by: carly rea jepson

What's your best party trick?
i always keep the party going.

What's the most memorable pick-up line you've ever heard?
"i lost my phone number, could i have yours"

What's the worst job you've ever had?
working at a super market as a cashier

What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?
got my tattoos, because im scared of needles.

It's 4AM after a crazy night out – what are we eating?
pizza, or chicken wings

What's the strangest thing in your fridge right now?
expired milk

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done in public?
almost had sex with an ex in a club bathroom.

What do you feel sexiest wearing?