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Sports Sirens: Lindsey

The sexy 2011 Hometown Hotties finalist shows off her sporty side

What’s your favorite sport to watch?
My favorite sport to watch is baseball. Baseball has been a huge part of my life ever since I was little. My dad used to take me to Chicago Cubs games since I was like 2 years old, so I  grew up on it.

Did you play any sports in school?
Yeah, I played softball, soccer, and gymnastics in school.

Did you find out that guys were into that?
Yeah, growing up, I mean it was an easy way for me to kind of be in a competition with the guys and then you can like flirt at the same time.

Who is your sports crush?
Man, there’s a couple. For right now I’m going to say Derek Jeter. ‘Cause his eyes are sparkly and he has like the best baseball ass, where it just kind of makes like a bubble.

Do you have any favorite college teams?
I never went to like an awesome college that has sports. I went to a private college downtown in Chicago, so I didn’t ever get the chance to go to any college sports events, but this past year I was hanging with a couple of guys who were obsessed with Michigan State and so now I’m a big Michigan State fan. They bought me all this Michigan State wardrobe, so I’m kind of excited to wear it this year.

Have you ever been to any games that were like especially memorable to you?
Yeah, I actually went to a Cubs games where I got to throw out the first ceremonial pitch. That was two years ago.

Which team would a guy have to like for it to be a dealbreaker?
Well so far I’ve been really lucky to not have to date any Chicago White Sox fans, because they are the Cubs’ rivals. So far most of the guys I date either like the Cubs or just came from another state and I’m totally fine with that.

Do you remember a really heated sports debate you’ve had?
When the Bulls were playing the Heat this past season, I was rooting for the Heat, because I knew they were going to win. In Chicago, where I live, everybody was giving me a lot of grief about it because I was a Heat fan and not a Bulls fan, so I just ran my mouth a lot about why the Heat were better and sure enough they won.