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Superhero Hotties: MC

The gorgeous 2010 finalist indulges her inner nerd

What are your favorite superhero movies and why?
I only have one, Iron Man. It's the only superhero movie I'd watch multiple times in a row. What's not to like about Tony Stark? He's a genius! He escaped terrorists by making an armored suit out of scrap metal and he has a sense of humor.  

Which superpower would you like to have?
Time control. The possibilities to change the world are endless, but I'd probably use it mostly to get amazing free food.

Who do you think would win in a Batman vs. Superman smackdown?
Batman, hands down. All he has to do is make room for a little kryptonite in his utility belt and boom! Game over.

Christian Bale or George Clooney as Batman?
Ever since American Psycho, I've been a Christian Bale mega fan. No offense on Clooney, but Christian Bale is more Batman in every way. He has dark and mysterious on lock.

Have you ever had an upside down Spider-Man kiss?
I wish! That sounds all types of romantic. I'm a mush for romance so if a guy ever gives me an amazing Spider-Man kiss, I wouldn't be surprised if my panties all of a sudden flew across the room.

Would you date a super hero? I hear the hours are awful...
Yes, please. I'm not too concerned about his availability, I'll make sure whatever little time we have will be well spent.