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The Boob Tube: Jordan

The way to this 2011 Hometown Hotties finalist’s heart is through some SVU

Photographed for by Zoe McConnell | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012
What are some of your favorite TV shows?
I like criminal shows, so Law & Order, Criminal Minds, NCIS. Those are my favorites.

Who is your TV crush?
It’s Officer Morgan on Criminal Minds. I think his real name is Shemar Moore. On the show, he’s very intellectual, very smart, and then he’s also very sweet and kind. Then of course he’s extremely good looking. That doesn’t hurt.

If your life was sitcom, what would it be like?
It would be a comedy. My life is kind of goofy and random and all over the place.

Do you have a favorite comedy show?
I like The Big Bang Theory and old school Seinfeld. Those are my two favorite sitcoms.

What show is becoming your favorite right now?
Breaking Bad, actually. I don’t think it’s that new, but it’s new to me. I’ve just started watching it and I love it, I’m addicted to it. I’m only on season two, so I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m definitely addicted to it.

Have you ever lost a day or weekend watching a show?
Yeah, I hate to say it, but it was Law & Order: SVU.

Who is one TV actor or actress that you think should find another career?
I think the Kardashians should just quit, ‘cause that shit is god awful. But other than that I can’t think of any actor or actress that is so awful that they should quit and find a new career path.

Is there TV show that you watched when you were a kid that your parents didn’t approve of?
When I was a kid we weren’t allowed to watch The Simpsons and so I would go over to my friend’s house and their parents would let us watch it. I always felt like a rebel going over to her house to watch The Simpsons and now looking back on it I was like, “The Simpsons were mediocre compared to what’s on TV now.”