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The Boob Tube: Lindsey

The striking Chicago bombshell and 2011 Hometown Hotties Finalist talks to us about television.

What are some of your favorite TV shows?
I recently got into the show Nashville, which I love because it’s country. I also watch a lot of Law & Order – I like the mystery aspect. And I still watchThe Real World, actually! I look forward to them every season.

Who is your TV crush, and why?
One of the shows I watch right now is called Hart of Dixie and there is a character named Wade. He is so country and small-town, but he is so gorgeous and has abs for days.

If your life was a TV show, what would it be like?
I think it would be a combination: a comedy, because even just walking out of the door of my apartment, it’s like one thing after another happens to me, like ridiculous stuff. I didn’t plan on it raining and all the sudden it starts to rain, or I trip on the sidewalk – it’s like I’m Charlie Chaplin or something! But I think it’s a little dramatic, too, I have a lot of friends that always have some sort of craziness going on, so I’m always dealing with it.

What is your favorite TV channel?
I like the CW, whatever channel Law & Order is on, and MTV. I don’t know why!

Would you ever do a reality TV show?
I have often tried to get on reality TV shows! I have always wanted to be on The Bachelor. I have a feeling I‘d come in second place and be standing there crying at the end. They always choose the girl who’s ready to settle down and have a family, so I think I’d be a deal-breaker.

What is your least favorite TV show, and why?
I don’t watch the news. It’s depressing and just kind of bland to me. I don’t watch X-Factor and I hate American Idol. Honestly, it’s gotten so played out, that’s why I’m into The Voice!

What TV character best represents you?
I think I am a lot like Carrie Bradshaw, except that I’m kind of like Samantha at times.

Is there a TV show you watched as a kid that your parents didn’t approve of?
My parents were so liberal. I had my own TV with a DVR when I was young, I feel like I bought my own TiVo-type of thing and they didn’t care. The one thing I remember is we’d be watching a movie as a family and a sex scene would come on and they’d make me put a blanket over my head, but the blanket had holes in it because it was an afghan blanket. So I still feel like they just don’t care as much.

What TV star do you think should find another profession?
Ashton Kutcher! Ew. Ashton Kutcher should stop being on TV, I don’t like him. I think he tries too hard to play that one ditsy, hippy character and it’s kind of played out.

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