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Gainesville, Florida

2006: Week 1

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 122 lbs.

Profession: Secretary, bartender

Preferred Celebrity Status: model

Relationship Status: hooked up

Favorite Sport/Team: Football/Florida State University Gators

Favorite Movie/Actor: Goodfellas/Johnny Depp

Favorite Music/Artist: R&B, rap, alternative/the Spill Canvas

Favorite Song: "Staplegunned"

Favorite Food: Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes

First Job: Secretary at auto shop

Other: I work at night as a bartender and during the day as a secretary. I live in the party town of Gainesville, Florida, home of UF, although I'm not currently enrolled in school. Gotta pay the bills! I love Maxim and read it more than Cosmo.