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100 Natasha Bedingfield
Not only does Natasha have a hit record, Unwritten; she also has a world record, with her brother, Daniel, as the only siblings to each have a No. 1 single in the U.K. (He's not as cute, though.)

2006 Hot 100 Natasha Bedingfield -

100 Natasha Bedingfield
Not only does Natasha have a hit record, Unwritten; she also has a world record, with her brother, Daniel, as the only siblings to each have a No. 1 single in the U.K. (He's not as cute, though.)

2006 Hot 100 Jennifer Aniston-

99 Jennifer Aniston
You get dumped and sit around the house eating Cheetos. She gets dumped and makes millions of dollars for starring in the upcoming The Break-Up. So not fair!

2006 Hot 100 Yunjin Kim-

98 Yunjin Kim
Already a movie star in South Korea, Yunjin decided to take a chance on American television, ending up on a little show called Lost (perhaps you've heard of it).

2006 Hot 100 FSU Cowgirls-

97 FSU Cowgirls Click here for more photos!
Sick of college football fans whose outfits consist mostly of novelty body paint? Not when they look like these Florida State hotties.

2006 Hot 100 Bridget Moynahan-

96 Bridget Moynahan Click here for more photos!
This former model turned Tom Brady arm candy will appear in the upcoming thriller Unknown, about five guys who wake up in a creepy warehouse and claw each other to death to win Bridget's hand.

2006 Hot 100 Tricia Helfer-

95 Tricia Helfer Click here for more photos!
This Battlestar Galactica babe has also done campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and Armani. It's OK, Trish, you'll get that Sears catalog yet.

2006 Hot 100 Brooke Burke-

94 Brooke Burke Click here for more photos!
After playing a starchy carbohydrate in Burger King's Super Bowl commercial, Brooke will host CBS's reality show Rock Star: INXS this summer.

2006 Hot 100 Grace Park-

93 Grace Park Click here for more photos!
Sci-fi geeks know her as Lt. Sharon Valerii on Battlestar Galactica, but the rest of us just know her as Unattainable Dream Woman #3,468.

2006 Hot 100 Elisha Cuthbert-

92 Elisha Cuthbert Click here for more photos!
She wore pink cotton panties in Old School, but, sadly, her role as Jack Bauer's daughter on 24 is less revealing.

2006 Hot 100 Kim Smith-

91 Kim Smith Click here for more photos!
If you think the way she looks in a bikini is amazing, get this: Kim has also hit a hole in one!

2006 Hot 100 Chilli-

90 Chilli Click here for more photos!
After finding a new band mate on UPN, the "sexy" in TLC's CrazySexyCool is cursing out Usher, who cheated on her. Moron.

2006 Hot 100 Tami-

89 Tami Click here for more photos!
2005 Hometown Hottie winner Tami reps the U.S. in the global quest to crown Miss Maxim. Looks like a worldbeater to us.

2006 Hot 100 Tila Tequila-

88 Tila Tequila Click here for more photos!
MySpace's most popular girl is an electropop singer, yet somehow Tila got our attention without making a sound.

2006 Hot 100 Jennifer Scholle-

87 Jennifer Scholle Click here for more photos!
James Blake may never be the No. 1 tennis player, but his girl Jenny is a grand slam. Somewhere Roger Federer is crying.

2006 Hot 100 Aubrey O'Day-

86 Aubrey Click here for more photos!
This battle-tested, Diddy-approved singer is a key ingredient in Making the Band. She's so hot she can cook herself.

2006 Hot 100 Carmen Electra-

85 Carmen Electra Click here for more photos!
Ever since her Baywatch days, Carmen's mud-flap-perfect silhouette has been seared into our brains for eternity.

2006 Hot 100 Amerie-

84 Amerie
Here's "1 Thing" you didn't know about this half-Korean, half-African-American singer—she was in First Daughter!

2006 Hot 100 Rachel Perry-

83 Rachel Perry Click here for more photos!
For years Rachel hosted Maxim's Hot 100 specials on VH1, but now she hosts Strip Search. They should let her compete!

2006 Hot 100 Vanessa Simmons-

82 Vanessa Simmons
You've been a legendary rapper and found God. What do you do next? Father an absurdly hot daughter (whom you can check out on MTV's Run's House) with tremendous moral fiber. Great work again, Reverend Run.

2006 Hot 100 Penelope Cruz-

81 Penélope Cruz
Catch this Sahara star in the upcoming Volver, which is described as a "domestic Indiana Jones." Harrison who?

2006 Hot 100 Rachel Nichols-

80 Rachel Nichols Click here for more photos!
This Guess model and Alias stunner is an Ivy League grad, which must be why she was so good in Dumb and Dumberer.

2006 Hot 100 Halle Berry-

79 Halle Berry Click here for more photos!
This X-Men 3 weather-controlling mutant has been a mainstay on the Hot 100 list, proving lightning can strike over and over again.

2006 Hot 100 Bree-

78 Bree Click here for more photos!
A standout from our 2006 swimsuit special, this Guess girl enjoys sun, surfing, and learning about the law. Hello, Supreme Court vacancy!

2006 Hot 100 Ciara-

77 Ciara
With a hit record and the upcoming movie Rumble, she's on track to reach her ultimate goal: "to be a combination of Diddy and Oprah." Let's hope she's not talking physically.

2006 Hot 100 April Scott-

76 April Scott Click here for more photos!
This farm girl won 85 beauty pageant crowns, then topped that by appearing on HBO's Entourage. Actor posses have all the luck, dammit. Now see her on Deal or No Deal.

2006 Hot 100 Maggie Grace-

75 Maggie Grace
After being stranded on Lost, Maggie was tormented in The Fog. Why do bad things always happen to good people?

2006 Hot 100 Michele Merkin-

74 Michele Merkin Click here for more photos!
Foody Call host Michele is a second-generation hottie—her mom was a Victoria's Secret model. Way to keep up the family tradition!

2006 Hot 100 Teri Hatcher-

73 Teri Hatcher
Barbara Walters was right! This Desperate Housewife really is one of the year's most fascinating people…You can't stop looking at her!

2006 Hot 100 Anna Kournikova-

72 Anna Kournikova Click here for more photos!
So what if Anna never won a singles tennis tourney? She won something far more important: our hearts.

2006 Hot 100 Roselyn Sanchez-

71 Roselyn Sanchez Click here for more photos!
This Without a Trace star won the Miss Puerto Rico Petite pageant, proving good things come in small packages.

2006 Hot 100 Leeann Tweeden-

70 Leeann Tweeden Click here for more photos!
The sexiest damn part of The Best Damn Sports Show Period is so damn hot you can't keep your damn eyes off her.

2006 Hot 100 Kelly Clarkson-

69 Kelly Clarkson Click here for more photos!
The original American Idol is still the best. Admit it, you know every word to "Since U Been Gone." It's OK. We won't tell.

2006 Hot 100 Cinithia Moura-

68 Cinthia Moura
This Brazilian bombshell was so hot during our swimsuit spectacular, the water in the swimming pool kept evaporating.

2006 Hot 100 Evangeline Lilly-

67 Evangeline Lilly
Why is she always running away from evil jungle people on Lost? And as long as she's doing it in that tiny tank top, does it even matter?

2006 Hot 100 Sarah Shahi-

66 Sarah Shahi Click here for more photos!
This former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader plays a supersexy DJ on The L Word, Showtime's series about lusty, smoking-hot L.A. lesbians who invade your dreams at night.

2006 Hot 100 Emilie de Ravin-

65 Emilie de Ravin
This Lost cutie got off the island to star in Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes, where she was terrorized by a freakish family. That'll teach her to hang with the Jacksons.

2006 Hot 100 Poppy Montgomery-

64 Poppy Montgomery Click here for more photos!
Why is the Aussie hottie so good at finding missing people on Without a Trace? If you knew she was looking for you, would you stay hidden?

2006 Hot 100 Kelly Carlson-

63 Kelly Carlson Click here for more photos!
The best thing to ever emerge from Minnesota—you heard right, Prince—Kelly hit the big time on Nip/Tuck and keeps on getting bigger (not just anyone gets to host VH1's Hot 100 show, people).

2006 Hot 100 Nicky Hilton-

62 Nicky Hilton Click here for more photos!
The "other" Hilton is kick-starting her own acting career, appearing with big sis Paris in National Lampoon's Pledge This!—where we pray the two play tickle-fighting sorority sisters.

2006 Hot 100 Joanna Krupa-

61 Joanna Krupa Click here for more photos!
She started as a Juggy on The Man Show before breaking into movies like Scary Movie 4. See? Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel can do something great together.

2006 Hot 100 Shakira-

60 Shakira Click here for more photos!
With two aptly named records—Oral Fixation, Vols. 1 and 2—Shakira's the first heart-revving substance to come out of Colombia that is actually good for you.

2006 Hot 100 Jordana Brewster-

59 Jordana Brewster
This Annapolis beauty's got more to offer than stunning looks—she also has a degree from Yale. Confront feelings of inadequacy at your leisure.

2006 Hot 100 Joss Stone-

58 Joss Stone
If you close your eyes, this chart-topping British songbird sounds exactly like Aretha Franklin. Thankfully, she only sounds like Aretha.

2006 Hot 100 Autumn Reeser-

57 Autumn Reeser Click here for more photos!
Even though she plays a prissy princess on The O.C., try and look past that uptight facade to see the smoking-hot chick with the killer rack. C'mon, be open-minded!

2006 Hot 100 Jessica Biel-

56 Jessica Biel
Missed her in Stealth? Rent it on DVD, if only to see her best scene. (Hint: It involves a teeny bikini and a waterfall.) Catch her next in The Illusionist, where once again you won't believe your eyes. Pick up Elizabethtown on DVD for even more Jessica.

2006 Hot 100 Vanessa Marcil-

55 Vanessa Marcil Click here for more photos!
Most casino hosts look like Bill Belichick in drag, which is how we know that Vanessa's role on Las Vegas involves a whole lot of acting talent.

2006 Hot 100 Heidi Klum-

54 Heidi Klum
Here's how hot Heidi Klum is: Once a week we lock the doors, draw the blinds, and watch catfighting amateur fashion designers make dresses on her Emmy-nominated reality show, Project Runway—all for the chance to catch a glimpse of her. And, let's be honest, so do you.

2006 Hot 100 Moon Bloodgood-

53 Moon Bloodgood
She's part Korean, part Irish, part Dutch, and all hottie—nearly melting the polar ice caps in Eight Below. She'll be the one wearing the deerskin minidress in this summer's Viking war movie, Pathfinder.

2006 Hot 100 Sara Foster-

52 Sarah Foster Click here for more photos!
We last saw this Malibu-born minx in D.E.B.S., where she played a girl-kissing secret agent in a schoolgirl outfit. We can only hope she's a victim of typecasting in her next movie, Dark Queen.

2006 Hot 100 Naomi Watts-

51 Naomi Watts
She captured our imagination in 2001's Mulholland Drive by participating in the best lesbian scene in cinematic history. Four years later she fell for an ape in King Kong, giving false hope to hairy, inarticulate men.

2006 Hot 100 Sarah Silverman-

50 Sarah Silverman
Who says swearing isn't ladylike? Coming out of Sarah's mouth, those hurt words are like sweet, sweet nothings.

2006 Hot 100 Brittany Murphy-

49 Britany Murphy Click here for more photos!
She's in the upcoming romantic comedies Love and Other Disasters and The Groomsmen. Or, if you're not a girl, we hear she'll be in Sin City 2, reprising her role as the waitress Shellie. How's that for a hot tip?

2006 Hot 100 Nicollette Sheridan-

48 Nicollette Sheridan Click here for more photos!
When it comes to this Desperate Housewife, there's some good news and bad news. The good news? She finally got rid of her pesky Eurotrash fiancé. The bad news? She got back together with Michael Bolton.

2006 Hot 100 Mila Kunis-

47 Mila Kunis Click here for more photos!
A shining example of the American dream, this Ukrainian-born That '70s Show star sailed to our shores at seven years old and landed—thank goodness—in Los Angeles.

2006 Hot 100 Rebecca Romijn-

46 Rebecca Romijn Click here for more photos!
If the rumors are true, this summer's X-Men: The Last Stand will mark the last time Rebecca appears on the big screen in nothing more than a few gallons of blue body paint and some artfully placed fish scales. Somewhere a makeup man is crushed.

2006 Hot 100 Beyonce Knowles-

45 Beyoncé Knowles Click here for more photos!
With her Destiny's Child days behind her, Beyoncé is kicking it solo in movies like the upcoming Dreamgirls, which, based on her collection of tiny skirts, is a rather apt title.

2006 Hot 100 Kelly Ripa-

44 Kelly Ripa
Having trouble getting it up in the morning? Wake up with everybody's favorite MILF, who puts the Kelly in ABC's stalwart Live With Regis and Kelly. No wonder Reege won't stop looking up her skirt, the old dog!

2006 Hot 100 Gabrielle Union-

43 Gabrielle Union Click here for more photos!
She played Honey in last year's remake of The Honeymooners and the inspiration for stalkers in the TV show Night Stalker, but you can see this stunner in the upcoming movie Running With Scissors. Slow down, girl, be careful!

2006 Hot 100 Sienna Miller-

42 Sienna Miller Click here for more photos!
In a mansion Jude Law is clutching a copy of this magazine, staring longingly at Sienna's picture, wondering why he cheated on the star of Casanova and the upcoming Factory Girl. Serves him right.

2006 Hot 100 Daniella Alonso-

41 Daniella Alonso Click here for more photos!
This smoking-hot New Yorker got her big break on the legendary soap As the World Turns. These days she's igniting the small screen as Anna on One Tree Hill, our fave WB show since Dawson's.

2006 Hot 100 Alicia Keys-

40 Alicia Keys
At 25 she has a trio of hit albums (the latest is Unplugged). Sounds good, but Alicia's been playing since she was seven. Three in 18 years? And we thought Axl was slow.

2006 Hot 100 Nadine Velazquez-

39 Nadine Velazquez Click here for more photos!
After breaking into the biz with a McDonald's commercial, Nadine's finally found her true calling: playing Catalina, the booty-shaking karmic confidante and cleaning lady on My Name Is Earl.

2006 Hot 100 Paris Hilton-

38 Paris Hilton Click here for more photos!
When she's not losing her toy pet animals, telephone equipment, private videotapes, boyfriends, and undergarments, Paris is making movies like House of Wax and writing books (with words in them!). And you thought she was just a pretty face.

2006 Hot 100 Emmanuelle Chriqui-

37 Emmanuelle Chriqui
Another fine import from our neighbor to the north, Emmanuelle fell under Usher's watchful eye in In the Mix. But we really loved her in Entourage, starring as a reason to move to Hollywood.

2006 Hot 100 Fergie-

36 Fergie Click here for more photos!
After much scrutiny and the use of slow-motion instant replay, we finally figured out whose humps the Black Eyed Peas are singing about in their hit single, "My Humps." Clearly, Fergie's.

2006 Hot 100 Avril Lavigne-

35 Avril Lavigne Click here for more photos!
This tomboyish punker did a lot of growing up this year, filming her first movie (Fast Food Nation), going for a girly new makeover, and getting engaged to that dude from Sum 41. Sigh. Two out of three ain't bad.

2006 Hot 100 Jamie Pressly-

34 Jaime Pressly Click here for more photos!
Who doesn't love a girl that likes to spit and curse? As the embodiment of sass-with-no-class on My Name Is Earl, Jaime's the most exciting thing to hit the trailer park since Skoal.

2006 Hot 100 Natalie Portman-

33 Natalie Portman Click here for more photos!
Sure, she has a degree from Harvard, but as a bald terrorist in V for Vendetta, Natalie had her biggest accomplishment yet: proving that you don't need hair to be hot.

2006 Hot 100 Veronica Verekova-

32 Veronica Varekova
Veronica is from the Czech Republic, homeland of fellow hotties Petra Nemcova and Paulina Porizkova. Whatever's in the water there, hurry up and bottle it already!

2006 Hot 100 Emmanuelle Vaugier-

31 Emmanuelle Vaugier Click here for more photos!
On Two and a Half Men, Emmanuelle made Charlie Sheen roll over and beg, but look for this Saw II cutie to make the rest of us follow good ol' Charlie's lead when she stars in the upcoming horror flick Unearthed.

2006 Hot 100 Uma Thurman-

30 Uma Thurman
As Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction, she made OD'ing sexy. As Black Mamba in Kill Bill, she made revenge terrifying. As a jilted woman with superpowers in My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Uma's gonna make you think twice about dumping anyone ever again. One sticking point in the plot, though: What kind of jackass w

2006 Hot 100 Jennifer Love Hewitt-

29 Jennifer Love Hewitt Click here for more photos!
As the sexy telekinetic on The Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer's so hot that dead people come out of the woodwork just to talk to her. But that's nothing new to this former Party of Five hottie—she's been driving stiffs crazy for years.

2006 Hot 100 Mandy Moore-

28 Mandy Moore Click here for more photos!
Gone are the days where Mandy sang about candy and babbled about bubblegum on MTV—this former pop star is older now, causing havoc on Entourage and testing her comedic chops on Scrubs.

2006 Hot 100 Eva Mendes-

27 Eva Mendes
She costarred in a Will Ferrell film (sadly, it was A Night at the Roxbury), then scored a smash with Hitch. Eva should bag another with next year's Ghost Rider, featuring Nicolas Cage as a cursed stunt man (just like TV's Fall Guy).

2006 Hot 100 Cindy Crawford-

26 Cindy Crawford
After spending her 20s taped to walls in millions of teenagers' bedrooms across the country and her 30s as a living embodiment of the term "supermodel," Cindy Crawford enters her 40s with a better body than most 30-year-olds. Make that most 20-year-olds.

2006 Hot 100 Charlize Theron-

25 Charlize Theron
Three years ago she put on 30 pounds and won an Oscar for Monster, then last year she took off 30 pounds and earned an Oscar nod for North Country. And they say yo-yo dieting doesn't work. She also kicked ass in Aeon Flux.

2006 Hot 100 Kate moss-

24 Kate Moss
For years Kate Moss has been considered the consummate supermodel, appearing on countless magazine covers. So what if a little videotaped drug fun put her on the front page of the paper, too? We're sure Kate didn't enjoy doing cocaine—she just wanted to see how it smelled.

2006 Hot 100 Kristen Cavallari-

23 Kristin Cavallari
Yes, we're well aware that Laguna Beach seems about as realistic as Mickey Rourke's face—but the hot girls on the show are real, and that's all that matters. And so long as Kristin coasts through her scenes while she's wearing a bikini, you know you'll buy whatever this real-like Orange County cutie is trying to sell.

2006 Hot 100 Mariah Carey-

22 Mariah Carey Click here for more photos!
One hit record made the world forget about her Glitter-fueled meltdown, but the best thing about The Emancipation of Mimi is that it freed Mariah from having to wear so many pesky clothes at award shows.

2006 Hot 100 Mischa Barton-

21 Mischa Barton
Look for her to go from The O.C. to the black plague in the romantic comedy Decameron. In unrelated news, did you know Mischa means "gift from God" in Russian?

2006 Hot 100 Eva Green-

20 Eva Green
After going medieval in last year's Kingdom of Heaven, this sexy French import is the newest Bond girl. What more can you ask for in a woman? No, we don't know if she knows how to cook.

2006 Hot 100 Jamie-Lynn Sigler-

19 Jamie-Lynn Sigler Click here for more photos!
This Sopranos stunner has already written her autobiography, played Heidi Fleiss, and done an episode of Higglytown Heroes. We're not sure what that show is, but it sure is fun to say.

2006 Hot 100 Jessica Simpson-

18 Jessica Simpson Click here for more photos!
So, those boots really were made for walking…and that's just what she did, getting a divorce and making us grateful for scissors and denim.

2006 Hot 100 Rachel McAdams-

17 Rachel McAdams
Not only was this Mean Girl in the best movie you've ever seen (Wedding Crashers); she's also in the best one your girlfriend has ever seen (The Notebook). Hey, the two of you finally have something in common!

2006 Hot 100 Christina Aguilera-

16 Christina Aguilera Click here for more photos!
So what if the hottest thing she did in the last year was get married? Our favorite Dirrty girl hasn't missed a Hot 100 yet, and this year all that hard work on her new album is about to pay off—in the form of sexy new videos.

2006 Hot 100 Vanessa Minnilo-

15 Vanessa Minnillo
If MTV can devote an entire weekend to showing marathons of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge and loathsome crap like Room Raiders, you'd think they could pull together an entire channel devoted to the sexiest VJ we've ever seen. (Stop pouting, Adam Curry.)

2006 Hot 100 Rachel Bilson-

14 Rachel Bilson Click here for more photos!
The girl who turns The O.C.'s white beaches into glass will smelt the silver screen when she stars with Zach Braff and Rachel McAdams in this fall's The Last Kiss, a remake of the Italian romantic comedy L'Ultimo Bacio. Belissima!

2006 Hot 100 Kelly Monaco-

13 Kelly Monaco Click here for more photos!
Before Kelly Monaco taught us the joys of salsa twirling in incredibly skimpy outfits on Dancing With the Stars, we thought merengue was something you put on a cake. With her dancing days behind her, you can catch her every day on General Hospital. (Hooray! Another reason to call in sick to work!)

2006 Hot 100 Katherine Heigl-

12 Katherine Heigl Click here for more photos!
On Grey's Anatomy, Katherine plays Izzie Stevens, a sweet and virtuous young lady who likes to take a little time out from pressing medical emergencies to have sex with a coworker in a linen closet. That's certainly one way to deal with stress.

2006 Hot 100 Kristen Bell-

11 Kristen Bell Click here for more photos!
On Veronica Mars, Kristen plays a teenage private investigator with a mom who ran away, a best friend that got murdered, and a boyfriend who just dumped her. Luckily, in this summer's Pulse, Kristen only has to deal with a cursed Web site that terrorizes people. Those stupid pop-up blockers never work.

2006 Hot 100 Christina Milian-

10 Christina Milian Click here for more photos!
Whether she's melting the silver screen in movies like Be Cool and Pulse or heating up the airwaves with her new R&B record, the muy caliente Christina is living proof that cigars aren't the only smoking things from Cuba.

2006 Hot 100 Keira Knightley-

9 Keira Knightley
You know somebody's damn fine when you find yourself watching Love Actually on cable in the middle of February. But Keira is not just your average chick-flick filler; she's also a model turned bounty hunter in Domino and a seafaring sexpot in this summer's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

2006 Hot 100 Kate Bosworth-

8 Kate Bosworth
This Los Angeleno hottie first splashed on the scene as a sexy surfer girl in Blue Crush before playing Sandra Dee in Beyond the Sea. But this summer in Superman Returns, she'll play Lois Lane, the reason the Man of Steel came back.

2006 Hot 100 Cameron Diaz-

7 Cameron Diaz
The morons who decided the Oscar nominations overlooked her brilliant performance in In Her Shoes (shut up, she was good!), but with her kajillion-watt smile, sexy dance moves, and burping skills, she makes this list with gas to spare. Hear Cameron's voice in next year's Shrek 3, or see the rest of her in X-Girls, playing an extreme-sports-loving centerfold. Best. Movie. Ever.

2006 Hot 100 Scarlett Johansson-

6 Scarlett Johansson
This 21-year-old has already made 20 movies—playing everything from the reason why human cloning is a good idea (The Island) to a brat in a sequel that 17 people have seen (Home Alone 3). And since she has no fewer than 10 movie projects in the works, including the upcoming The Black Dahlia, we'll continue to pay whatever those assholes running the theater are charging these days.

2006 Hot 100 Stacy Keibler-

5 Stacy Keibler Click here for more photos!
Whether she's cheering for the Baltimore Ravens, kicking butt as a WWE Diva, or shimmying around on Dancing With the Stars—when Stacy's in the building, people always seem to stand up and scream with joy. A pair of 42-inch legs will do that to you.

2006 Hot 100 Angelina Jolie-

4 Angelina Jolie
When she's not adopting the unwanted infants of impoverished countries, spreading "goodwill" for the United Nations, and making blockbusters like the upcoming The Good Shepherd, Angelina is improving the world with hotness, although she did have to remind the nerds at the World Economic Forum to focus on the issues instead of on Angelina Jolie during a January meeting. And you wonder why no one gets anything done in government.

2006 Hot 100 Lindsay Lohan-

3 Lindsay Lohan Click here for more photos!
It was a big year for Lindsay. She was in a handful of movies (Just My Luck, Herbie: Fully Loaded), released a new record, A Little More Personal (Raw), and had battalions of gossip mongers and paparazzi endlessly dwelling on her appearance while chasing her down in cars and taking pictures nonstop. Hey, can you

2006 Hot 100 Jessica Alba-

2 Jessica Alba Click here for more photos!
She was tremendous as a bikini-wearing damsel in distress (Into the Blue) and a cowgirl stripper with a penchant for prison pen pals (Sin City), but this California cutie's biggest accomplishment in the past 12 months was making invisibility seem sexy in Fantastic Four. If you don't want to see her in the ps

2006 Hot 100 Eva Longoria-

1 Eva Longoria Click here for more photos!
While America failed to embrace her on Dragnet (shame on you, U.S.A.!), there's been no stopping Eva since Desperate Housewives hit the air—just check out her work in the White House political thriller The Sentinel. But this year this stunning spouse has done the impossible: repeat as the numero uno

2006 Hot 100