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UPDATE: The Most Popular 'Hot 100' Write-Ins of 2012

This year, when it came to deciding our Hot 100--the definitive list of the world's most beautiful women--we decided to ask you, the people, to help us out. And boy, did you help us out. Hundreds of thousands of votes poured in. Though voting is still going on, we thought we'd take a moment to honor some of the people's choice stand-outs so far: The names you loved so much that you took the time to write them in at the bottom of the ballot. We put them in alphabetical order below to keep their positions a sexy mystery. But stay tuned and continue voting! If you keep these write-in votes coming, you just might see some of these faces on the official Hot 100 List.

UPDATE: A surge of write-in votes put three new names in the running for the 2012 Hot 100 List. Check out the latest nominees:

Alison Haislip

Photographed for Maxim by Brian B. Hayes | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012
Attack of the Show continues to attack this list with Haislip joing fellow geek goddess Candace Bailey as a top write-in.

Dalena Henriques

Courtesy of Dalena Henriques
We haven't seen her face, but the rest of Dalena Henriques makes us pine for the whole picture. The Ford Mustang model's sexy mystique scores her major write-ins. Face facts (well, not you, Dalena): She's turning heads even without a view of her own.

Maggie Q

Photo: The CW Network | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012
Currently, this Mission Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard star keeps prime time action-packed playing the eponymous rogue assassin on Nikita. With killer looks to match her lethal on-screen abilities, it's no wonder that Q always has "u" behind her. Oh boy...Yup, we went there.

Candace Bailey

Photographed for Maxim by Marley Kate
The bendy co-host of Attack of the Show! speaks fluent nerd and did a gymnastics on the set of her Maxim photo shoot. Consequently, she makes our hearts do summersaults...a rare athletic feat for us, but our doctor says its a life-threatening condition.

Alison Brie

Photo courtesy of AMC / Rainbow Media
Equally attractive as both a 60s housewife and a 21st century college co-ed, Alison Brie makes the boob tube a better place.

Stephen Colbert

Photo courtesy of Comedy Central | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012
It's true: The South Carolina primary wasn't the only place that Stephen Colbert found an outpouring of support. And with the Colbert Super PAC behind him, who knows how far he could take his Hot 100 campaign?

Adrianne Curry

Photographed for Maxim by Dominic Guillemot | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012
This model and reality show veteran made the title of Mrs. Brady hot again (we still love you, Florence Henderson) for a brief stint, but currently assumes the role of "mistress of dorks" according to her Twitter bio. Bottom line: She remains as appealing as ever.

Layla El

Photo courtesy of WWE | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012
This British-born dancer, model and WWE Diva could easily knock any of us off of our feet. We feel a little light-headed just thinking about it.

Elizabeth Halseth

Photo by Victor Salvador
The former state senator of Nevada clearly knows a thing or two about campaigning: The votes for Halseth keep on coming. And with a couple of years in office under her belt, she just might be ready to represent on the Hot 100.

Stana Katic

Photo by Steve Granitz / Wireimage | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012
The queen of Castle also looks fit to rule amongst the Hot 100.

Avril Lavigne

Photographed for Maxim by Don Flood | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012
She’s rocked our cover three times. She’s no stranger to the Hot 100 List. There’s nothing complicated about our feelings for Avril, and, as one of the biggest vote-getters, clearly you feel the same.

Lee Newton

Photo courtesy of YouTube | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012
It's no surprise that the host of YouTube show SourceFed has a major fan following on the internetz. After her cohosts posted a video telling everyone to vote for Lee, the write-ins started pouring in. We have to agree with you guys: Lee's definitely got List potential.

Haley Reinhart

Photo courtesy of Interscope Records / UMG | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012
Haley Reinhart got her big start on Season 10 of American Idol and we're thrilled that her loyal fans brought their voting skills to the Hot 100 Ballot.

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