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Hot Mom Alert: MILFs Get Their Own MTV Special

On Monday MTV announced that they would be airing a new installment of their documentary series True Life about Occupy Wall Street protesters. As entertaining as that will no doubt be (possible Kanye West cameos; belligerent Fox reporters getting their own back for everyone else's coverage of the Tea Party movement; a lot of people basically protesting in the wrong place (dudes - if you want protection from bankers, tell the government, not the bankers!)) we're way more excited about tonight's new episode True Life: I Have a Hot Mom. That's right, an entire hour of television devoted to other people's hot moms. (In other words, be sure to call your pal tonight at 9 p.m. when it airs, to tell him MTV just made an accurate show about his mom. He'll no doubt appreciate it.) Hey, speaking of people who could easily talk about what its like being raised by a MILF, here's some famous kids who can do just that: 

All 19 of Angelina Jolie's kiddies. She's at 19 now, right? Or did we miss another two? 

Kate Hudson's son Ryder Russell Robinson could easily brag about his hot mom, but he'd also have to lament having the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson as a dad rather than Muse's infinitely cooler Matt Bellamy. 

Kaitlin Olson's offspring Axel probably couldn't chat for an entire episode (to be fair, the little tike is just a year old, so his communication skills are probably about on par with Charlie's) but if he could, he would say something along the lines of, "Not only am I a product of two stars from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but they fucking named me Axel. Everything is great."