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How To Build a Stink Bomb

A silent-but-deadly-to-the-nostrils way to break up your next meeting.

Illustrated for Maxim by Chris Philpot | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Book of matches
Household ammonia
Clean 20 oz. glass bottle with cap

1. Carefully cut the heads off all the matches in the book.
2. Put match heads in bottle and pour in 2–3 Tbs. of ammonia. Cap it and swirl contents around.
3. Let it rest for three to four days. During this time the liquid mix forms ammonium sulfide, a vapor associated with hydrogen-sulfide gas, which is that disgusting rotten-egg stench.
4. Now it’s time to bring the bottle to your desired “explosion” site. Make sure you’re not near any heat or flames, since the vapor is now flammable. Plug your nose, uncap, and accuse Barry from accounting of farting. Gross, Barry!

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