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25 Relevant Halloween Costumes You May Have Forgotten About

There's a lot more to 2013-themed Halloween costumery than Miley and Robin. A lot happened this year, so we put together some easy-peasy headline-makin' costumes!


Materials: Gummy sharks, steel wool, grey pants, grey shirt
Directions: Stretch wool out and glue it in swirls on the clothes. Then glue sharks onto the wool. 

North West

Materials: A compass, a onesie, a baby bottle, and bonnet.
Directions: Draw a compass pointing to NW onto a poster. Wear it by attaching strings to the poster. Wear a onesie underneath for warmth and to look like a baby. Add a bottle and bonnet. Sunglasses optional, but you are Kanye's baby after all. Kute

IKEA Horse-Meatballs

Materials: IKEA bag, horse printout, some sort of stick
Directions: Cut leg holes into the bottom of an IKEA bag. Wear as overalls. Print a photo of a horse head and attach to a stick. 

The Harlem Shake

Materials: A milkshake and a Harlem sign. Helmet or mask optional.
Directions: Attach a string to a sign that says "Harlem" or wear a Harlem shirt. Buy a milkshake. Drink it.  

The Royal Baby 

Material: Onesie, crown, pacifier, robe, teddy bear
Directions: Put on all of the materials. Look adorable and royal. 

Here are more suggestions from the Maxim staff: 
Starbucks Drake Hands
The Old Pope/The New Pope
The monster from This Is the End
Johnny "Crow Hat" Depp as Tonto
Edward Snowden in exile
Goats screaming like humans 
The Cronut
A-Roid (A-Rod with a needle)
The Super Bowl Blackout
Giant meteorite that hit Russia
Return of the Twinkie
Anthony Weiner a.k.a. Carlos Danger
Ben Affleck as Batman
Higgs Boson (a.k.a. the God Particle)
Al Roker pooping his pants
Texas Senator Wendy Davis (with pink sneakers)
Jobless Tim Tebow
Sad Paula Deen
General Zod
Kim Jong-un

Happy Halloween! 

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