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6 Ways To Have The Manliest Easter EVER

SYTYARM? (So You Think You're a Real Man?) We'll just see about that. Prove it with our guide for macho-ing up Easter. 

Hunt rabbits! 

What you'll need: Weapons, hounds, and optional horses. Maybe some booze and snacks too.
Manliness Scale (1-10): 8

Have An Egg-Eating Challenge

What you'll need: A stove and pot to boil your eggs, a dozen eggs per person, and two or more participants.
Manliness Points:

Even Better: Have A Chocolate Egg-Eating Contest

What you'll need: Chocolate eggs, a strong stomach.
Manliness Points: 8, because this seems more difficult than the dozen eggs. 

Cook a Lamb On a Spit

What you'll need: A whole crap-ton of stuff! Check out step-by-step instructions.
Manliness Points: 9

Do the Cinnamon Challenge and Chubby Bunny AT THE SAME DAMN TIME

What you'll need: Marshmallows, cinnamon.
Manliness Points: 8, if executed perfectly.

Make Sexy Easter Eggs!

What You'll Need: Eggs, scissors, glue, and these handy dandy cut-outs.
Manliness Points: 5, because at least it's sexy. 

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